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System requirements

Ortograf 1.2 runs on all Macintosh computers with OS 8.6 or later. Ortograf runs in native mode on Mac OSX.
Play against the computer or among friends. Ortograf has several game options and an integrated dictionary of all valid Scrabble ® words. Chalenging and easy to use, it will give you hours of fun.

4 types of games
Enjoy different game variations.
  • Classic game
    One by one, each player opens his rack window and place his letters on the board to form a word. When the rack window is closed, points are automatically count, and the next player can play his turn.

  • Duplicate game
    On each turn, all players have the same letters on their racks. On their turn, they place their word on the board, and it is taken off for the next player. When every body played, only the word that counts for the most points stays on the board. Each player keeps his points.

  • Belgian game
    Similar to a Duplicate game, with the exception that player's racks contain a blank letter on each turn. Once the winning word is placed, the blank will go back to the player's rack if the corresponding letter is available in the bag. If the blank is not played, it stays on the rack.

  • Prepared game
    Similar to a Duplicate game, with the exception that the racks contain letters allowing a 7 letter word (or more). It is then possible on each turn to place all letters and get the 50 points bonus.

4 levels of difficulty
The computer can play 4 different levels :
  • "Mac the beginner", that plays at 70% of its capacity.
  • "Mac the intermediate", that plays at 80% of its capacity.
  • "Mac the expert", that plays at 95% of its capacity.
  • "Mac the champ", that plays its maximum capacity.

Links on Scrabble ®

Scrabble FAQ
The Scrabble FAQ, competitive Scrabble played in English worldwide: Scrabble tournaments, Scrabble clubs, rules for Scrabble, dictionaries for Scrabble, Scrabble software, Scrabble books and Scrabble periodicals

National SCRABBLE® Association
The National SCRABBLE® Association (NSA) operates in a partnership between SCRABBLE enthusiasts and Hasbro, Parker Brothers' parent company. Founded in 1978, it is the official organization of North America's 10,000 tournament SCRABBLE game players. The NSA is in constant contact with Hasbro's marketing and public relations departments, finding new ways the SCRABBLE culture can help market the game.

The Scrabble Challenge This is the Scrabble Challenge. Submit your turn for the current board using the form below. The best turn will be entered on the board and the roll-of-honour. The board will be updated at 15 hour intervals.

Scrabble Australia - Resources for Players
Directory of Scrabble Clubs within Australia. Check words online. Download study lists and tournament software. Check latest Scrabble gossip and controversies. Get directions to play online. View photos of state and national champions. All-time record scores and other curious feats.

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