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Play against the computer or among friends. Ortograf has several game options and an integrated dictionnary of all valid Scrabble® words. Chalenging and easy to use, it will give you hours of fun.

System requirements

Ortograf 1.2 runs on all Macintosh computers with OS 8.6 or later. Ortograf runs in native mode on Mac OSX.

Improvements and corrections in version 1.2
  • Update the dictionay to use the SOWPODS dictionary.
  • Add an option to cut off sound while moving a tile.
  • Ortograf runs on Leopard (OS X.5).
Improvements and corrections in version 1.1
  • Ortograf runs in native mode on Mac OSX.
  • Update the dictionay to use the ENABLE2K dictionary.
  • "Mac the begginer", plays at 60% of its capacity, instead of 70%
  • The 'Partialy registered version' mode was reactivated; the game runs in demo, in stardard and Pro version.
  • The letters on the rack are now listed in the History window.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been placed to open your rack from the Rack menu.
  • The blank tile were not redrawn correctly after you retrieved a saved game.
  • The blinking spot on the tile was not correctly updated when the monitor was set to more the 256 colors.
  • The item Tops List in the Help Window was not set correctly to the helping text.
  • Ortograf now needs Macintosh with system 8.6 of better.
  • Ortograf does not work anymore in black and white.
  • The small playing board was removed.
  • In demo mode, not only 20 tiles are withdrawn from the bag, but half of the tiles.
  • Changes in the registration code format, and by the way changes in the copy protection mecanism, sorry to bother a little bit more those who have paid for their software.
Improvements and corrections in version 1.0.2
  • The 'Partialy registered version' was removed, the game now supports in demo mode or fully fonctional.
  • New look of the board and the playing tiles.
  • In Duplicate mode, add an option to reject the drawn tiles proposed by the computer.
  • Ortograf ends the game faster when there are few tiles in the bags.
  • In the rack window, moving a tile on a 68K Mac, may cause a system error or leave traces on the screen.
  • In the board game, moving a tile on the bottom or the right edge may place the tile onto an other.
  • Launching Ortograf with a big chunk of text in the ClipBoard caused a #-501 error and aborts the application.
  • Moving the board game after the game ends could have cause a system error.
  • Starting a find in the Tops windows while the game is over could have cause a system error.
  • When asking to pick the tile yourself and playing a Prepared game, causes a system error.
  • Clicking rapidly in the tumb of the scroll bar in the History window may cause a system error.
Improvements and corrections in version 1.0.1
  • This is the first release of Ortograf in English.

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