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Play against the computer or among friends. Ortograf has several game options and an integrated dictionary of all valid Scrabble® words. Chalenging and easy to use, it will give you hours of fun.

System requirements

Ortograf 1.2 runs on all Macintosh computers with OS 8.6 or later. Ortograf runs in native mode on Mac OSX.

Download Ortograf 1.2
(Size: 1,14 MB)

The shareware version has the following restrictions:
  • Half of the tiles are removed from of the bag before each game.
  • You cannot save or open a game.
  • The computer can only play in beginner's mode.
  • Duplicate, Belgian or Prepared games will end after 4 moves.

Link to download the game onto your computer: Ortograf 1.2

Download previous version 1.1: Ortograf 1.1
Download previous version 1.0: Ortograf 1.0

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